Two deshayesitid ammonite assemblages are described from the Lower Cretaceous succession of the north coast of Hold with Hope, North-East Greenland, and their biostratigraphical significance is assessed. In the earlier assemblage Prodeshayesites cf. bodei and P. laeviusculus occur. The second assemblage contains Deshayesites boegvadi. The presence of P. cf. bodei suggests that the northwest European bodei Subzone of the fissicostatus Zone is represented in North-East Greenland. The occurrence of D. boegvadi, previously recorded only from Kuhn q, probably indicates the later part of the fissicostatus Zone, or the forbesi or deshayesi zones. Other occurrences of Greenland deshayesitid ammonites are discussed briefly. The new finds from Hold with Hope are important biostratigraphical records providing direct correlation between the earliest Aptian of Europe and Greenland.

Scripta Geologica. Special Issue

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Kelly, S. R. A., & Whitham, A. G. (1999). [Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop of the Lower Cretaceous Cephalopod Team (IGCP-Project 362) / Peter F. Rawson and Philip J. Hoedemaeker (editors)]: Deshayesitid ammonites from the lower Aptian (Lower Cretaceous) of North-east Greenland. Scripta Geologica. Special Issue, 3(5), 83–95.