Bryozoans from six Pennsylvanian localities in the Cantabrian Mountains (northwestern Spain) are described. The faunas include 54 species, of which two are new, Streblotrypa (Streblotrypa) peculiaris sp. nov. and Bashkirella minor sp. nov. Bryozoans are represented mainly by fenestrates (27 species), followed by rhabdomesine cryptostomes (eleven species), cystoporates (ten species) and trepostomes (six species). Some species were known previously from the Pennsylvanian of northern Spain and the Carnic Alps, others from the Carboniferous of the Russian Platform and North America.

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Keywords Bryozoa, Pennsylvanian, Cantabrian Mountains, Spain
Journal Scripta Geologica

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Ernst, A, & Winkler Prins, C.F. (2008). Pennsylvanian bryozoans from the Cantabrian Mountains (northwestern Spain). Scripta Geologica, 137, 1–123.