All oxyopid spider species collected in a long-term ecological canopy project in northern Borneo are described. A total of nine species in three genera could be established, one of which belongs to a new genus. Four species could be assigned to known species, five are described as new species in the cosmotropical genus Hamataliwa. Description of one new species has been added from the ground collection. One species of Oxyopes was synonimised with Hamataliwa incompta (Thorell, 1895). H. helia Chamberlin, 1929, known hitherto only from southern U.S.A. and Mexico was found in the Bornean canopy. With nine species, Oxyopidae rank 10th on the list of 33 families in the Bornean canopy project. Tapponia micans Simon, 1885, typus generis is redescribed from the Bornean canopy, all other Tapponia species listed in the World Spider Catalog are unrelated to this species and are removed from Tapponia. Five species are transferred to Hamataliwa, nine remaining species previously classified in the genus Tapponia are transferred to the new genus Hamadruas. All but one species placed in Hamadruas are “old” species, described in the 19th century; no new species are added to this genus, the type species and two others are redescribed, one of which (H. superba (Thorell, 1887)) from the Bornean tree canopy. For most of the canopy species additional records are given from hand-collected material from other localities in Borneo, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and British Guyana. The genus Megullia Thorell, 1898 (type species M. truncata Thorell, 1898 from Burma) is synonymised with Hamataliwa. An identification key is provided for the genera Oxyopes, Tapponia, Hamataliwa, Peucetia and Hamadruas gen. nov. Nine immature specimens of a Hamataliwa species were found inside shells of living snails of the genus Alycaeus (Cyclophoridae), suspended with long thin lines on limestone walls. It is not known whether spiders produced the lines and attached them for some unknown purpose or whether the snails did it themselves. How they haul themselves up from their pending position remains to be investigated.

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Zoologische Mededelingen

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Deeleman-Reinhold, C. L. (2009). Description of the lynx spiders of a canopy fogging project in northern Borneo (Araneae: Oxyopidae), with description of a new genus and six new species of Hamataliwa. Zoologische Mededelingen, 83(17), 673–700.