This is the seventh compilation of Microlepidoptera collected in The Netherlands, covering the year 1993. Four species are recorded for the first time from The Netherlands: Blastodacna vinolentella (Agonoxenidae), Mompha bradleyi (Momphidae), Teleiodes scriptella (Gelechiidae) and Aethes beatricella (Tortricidae). Differences in the external characters or genitalia of the following species are discussed: Aethes beatricella, A. dilucidana, A. flagellana, A. francillana, and Eudemis porphyrana and E. profundana.

Entomologische berichten
Staff publications

Huisman, K. J., & Koster, J. C. (1996). Nieuwe en interessante Microlepidoptera uit Nederland in het jaar 1993 (Lepidoptera). Entomologische berichten, 56(3), 37–55.