This is the sixth compilation of Microlepidoptera collected in The Netherlands, covering the year 1992. Two species are recently recorded for the first time from The Netherlands by the Dutch Plant Protection Service, Wageningen: Olethreutes arbutella (Tortricidae) and Duponchelia fovealis (Pyralidae). The adults, and male and female genitalia are figured. Differences in the external characters, and male and female genitalia of the following species are discussed: Teleiodes proximella, T. saltuum and T. wagae (Gelechiidae) and Acleris cristana, A. hastiana and A. scabrana (Tortricidae). In the authors experience A. scabrana can be distinguished morphologically from A. hastiana in the edging of the basal area by a regular and bent row of small scale tufts.

Entomologische berichten
Staff publications

Huisman, K. J., & Koster, J. C. (1995). Interessante Microlepidoptera uit Nederland in het jaar 1992 (Lepidoptera). Entomologische berichten, 55(4), 53–67.