This paper aims to fill some gaps in the taxonomic knowledge of the genus Ptomaphaginus for the Sunda region (in insular and peninsular Southeast Asia). We have refrained from a full regional revision. However, we present new distribution records for the following previously described species: Ptomaphaginus murphyi Szymczakowski, 1970 (Malaysia); P. rufus Jeannel, 1936 (Malaysia); P. tarsalis Szymczakowski, 1964 (Sumatra); P. aff. scaphaner Szymczakowski, 1972 (Malaysia, Java); P. sinuatus Schilthuizen, 1984 (Java); P. baliensis Perreau, 1995 (Sumatra). We also name 12 new species: P. anas spec. nov. (Malaysia); P. bryantioides spec. nov. (Borneo); P. caroli spec. nov. (Borneo), P. similipes spec. nov. (Borneo); P. kinabaluensis spec. nov. (Borneo); P. latimanus spec. nov. (Borneo); P. burckhardti spec. nov. (Borneo); P. giachinoi spec. nov. (Sumatra); P. agostii spec. nov. (Java); P. kurbatovi spec. nov. (Java); P. loeblianus spec. nov. (Sumatra). P. sabahensis spec. nov. (Borneo), and one new synonym (P. balazuci Perreau, 1995 syn. nov. for P. obtusus Szymczakowski 1959). Finally, we highlight a group of species with a characteristically shaped aedeagus, which are targeted for further phylogenetic and evolutionary study. In view of the 250th anniversary of zoological nomenclature, we name one species in honour of Carolus Linnaeus.

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Zoologische Mededelingen

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Schilthuizen, M., & Perreau, M. (2008). New species and new records of Ptomaphaginus Portevin from the Sunda region, Southeast Asia (Coleoptera: Leiodidae: Cholevinae). Zoologische Mededelingen, 82(19), 189–210.