The collection of Cetoniid Coleoptera in the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie at Leiden contains, next to the usual assortment of chafers from various sources, several collections made by well-known specialists. Most important is the one made by F.T. Valck Lucassen (including the collection of O.E. Janson), acquired by the museum in 1940. A world collection of Cetoniidae is being arranged on the basis of this Valck Lucassen material. In 1928, the collection of G. van Roon was bequeathed to the museum, where it is to remain as such, not incorporated in the main collection. The data of the collection will be presented in this and forthcoming parts of a catalogue, accompanied by such revisional notes which it seems desirable to publish. Reference is here made to Junk's Coleopterorum Catalogus (Schenkling, 1921); in general, citations given by Schenkling will not be repeated in this series.

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Wiebes, J. T. (1968). Catalogue of the Coleoptera Cetoniidae in the Leiden museum : 1. Goliathus Lamarck, sensu lato. Zoologische Mededelingen, 43(3), 19–40.