In this 17th annual report we record three species new for The Netherlands: Isophrictis anthemidella (Gelechiidae) and Paracorsia repandalis (Crambidae) from the province of Limburg, and Eana argentana (Tortricidae) from Noord-Brabant. The following remarkable findings are reported: Oinophila v-flava (Tineidae), found for the first time in a long period and new for Gelderland, two rare miners of common broom (Cytisus scoparius), Micrurapteryx kollariella and Phyllonorycter scopariella (Gracillariidae) were found in numbers in the National Park Meinweg (Limburg), Elachista geminatella (Elachistidae), earlier recorded under the name E. regificella is reported for the first time outside Limburg, Mirificarma interrupta (Gelechiidae), also found near common broom in the National Park Meinweg, Argyroploce arbutella (Tortricidae) found in two localities after several years of absence and the ninth locality of Paralipsa gularis (Pyralidae). In total we report 118 species, 48 new provincial records, particularly for the northern provinces.

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Entomologische berichten
Staff publications

Huisman, K.J, Koster, J.C, van Nieukerken, E.J, & Ellis, W.N. (2007). Microlepidoptera in Nederland 2005. Entomologische berichten, 67 (1-2), 34–47.