Twenty-five years of ground beetle survey along the river Nederrijn near Arnhem (Carabidae) During the period 1975-1999 the author studied the ground beetle fauna of a river foreland south of the river Nederrijn, near Arnhem (provincie of Gelderland). The site was visited regularly while walking the dog, collecting the beetles by hand. Although the method was not very standardized, it yielded interesting results. In total 158 species were found, more than 40% of the Dutch fauna. Several species were found which are common in Central-Europe but are very rare in in the lowlands of Western Europe, like Bembidion modestum en B. fasciolatum. The manmade basalt groynes and pebble beaches provide a unique Central-European habitat for these species. This type of research is rare and the data on longterm changes in Carabidae are therefore scarce.