Springtails on lichens (Hexapoda: Collembola) From September 1999 until June 2002 an inventory was made of lichens in the Netherlands. Overall, 53 species of lichens, spread over 63 locations were sampled. When these lichens were prepared for deposition in a reference collections the springtails crawling out were collected and identified to the species level. Overall, 625 individual springtails belonging to 29 species were collected. Most often, only a few springtails could be collected per lichen. In this paper the records of the springtails are presented, including location maps, notes on their identification, and the ecology of the species. Hypogastrura burkilli, H. subboldorii, H. purpurascens, Xenylla tullbergi and Isotoma anglicana are recorded here for the first time from the Netherlands.