New records of bugs from the province of Zeeland (Heteroptera) Three excursions were made to the province of Zeeland in  and , and nine interesting species of Heteroptera were found as follows. A record of the cydnid Tritomegas sexmaculatus, in the dunes near Cadzand, is the first for the Netherlands. The five species Ceratocombus coleoptratus (Ceratocombidae), Acalypta carinata (Tingidae), Lygocoris populi, Conostethus roseus (Miridae) and Gonocerus acuteangulatus (Coreidae) were first records for Zeeland. A population of the very rare lygaeid Drymus pumilio, hitherto known only from three single specimens in the Netherlands, was discovered in a reed bed of the Groote Gat near Oostburg. Emblethis denticollis and E. griseus were discovered in the dunes between Domburg and Oostkapelle, this is the only known Dutch locality of the latter species. The discovery of Lygocoris populi prompted an analysis of the morphological differences between this species and the other two Dutch species of subgenus Neolygus, L. contaminatus and L. viridis, which are also mapped. To date,  of the  Dutch species of Heteroptera have been recorded from Zeeland.