In a series of papers describing Late Cretaceous and Early Palaeogene echinoderm faunas (exclusiveof holothurians) of the Maastrichtian type area, the present contribution comprises a detailed accountof the litho- and chronostratigraphy and biozonations of these deposits, and of localities from whichthe echinoderm material to be described stems. In subsequent papers reference will be made to thisintroductory part.

Echinodermata, Late Cretaceous, Early Palaeogene, localities, stratigraphy
Scripta Geologica

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Jagt, J.W.M. (1999). Late Cretaceous-Early Palaeogene echinoderms and the K/T boundary in the southeast Netherlands and northeast Belgium - Part 1: Introduction and stratigraphy. Scripta Geologica, 116, 1–57.