The springtail Isotomurus maculatus new to the fauna of the Netherlands (Insecta: Collembola) Isotomurus maculatus (Schäffer, 1896) is a southern European springtail, which is recorded here as new for the fauna of the Netherlands. Specimens were collected on five sites in different regions of the Netherlands. The sites, a garden, a roadside verge and a lane with trees can be characterised as synatropic with a large degree of disturbance. In northern Europe Isotomurus maculatus is a eurytopic species that colonises ruderal sites very quickly. This conclusion is based on the description of the sites and the ecology of species collected together with I. maculatus. The distribution in Europe and the taxonomy of the species is described. It is argued that I. maculatus is much more common in northern Europe than currently believed.

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Nederlandse Faunistische Mededelingen

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Berg, M. P., Noordijk, J., Schakel, A., & Bongers, M. (2001). De springstaart Isotomurus maculatus nieuw voor de fauna van Nederland (Insecta: Collembola). Nederlandse Faunistische Mededelingen, 15, 79–85.