Interesting new records of hoverflies in TheNetherlands (Diptera: Syrphidae) The preliminary distribution atlas of the Dutch hoverflies (NJN 1998) marked the start of the Syrphidae recording scheme (1998-2002). This publication has proven to be a major stimulus for the study of this interesting group of flies. Many interesting new data from field and collection work have become known since 1998. In this paper a selection of published and unpublished records is summarized. At the end of the project all available knowledge on Dutch hoverflies will be compiled in the Dutch Syrphidae atlas.

Nederland, Verspreiding, Biotopen, Uitbreiding
Nederlandse Faunistische Mededelingen

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Reemer, M, van Aartsen, B, Renema, W, Smit, J.T, & van Steenis, W. (2000). Bijzondere vondsten van zweefvliegen in Nederland (Diptera: Syrphidae). Nederlandse Faunistische Mededelingen, 12, 155–164.