The Middle Eifelian trilobite fauna of the Belgian Ardennes shows close affinities with that of the German Eifel. Two trilobite taxa are recorded from Middle Eifelian strata near the town of Jemelle, on the southern border of the Dinant Synclinorium, Belgium. Kettneraspis bayarti sp. nov. is closely related to Kettneraspis elliptica (Burmeister) from the Middle Eifelian of the Rhenish Slate Mountains. Ceratarges cf. armatus (Goldfuss) is also described on the basis of a single pygidium. The odontopleurid Charybdaspis Basse is considered a junior subjective synonym of Radiaspis Richter & Richter. The lichid Rhenarges Basse is briefly discussed and regarded as a junior subjective synonym of Akantharges Phleger.

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Scripta Geologica

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van Viersen, A. P. (2007). Kettneraspis, Radiaspis and Ceratarges (Trilobita) from the Middle Devonian of the Rochefort area (Ardennes, Belgium). Scripta Geologica, 134, 1–18.