Blyth’s Catalogue is sometimes cited from 1849 and sometimes from 1852. Both dates can be found in Peters’s Check-list, each, in different volumes, appearing to be accepted. Consequently and inconsistently both are found in other works. The cover is dated 1849. The evidence, however, shows that while much was printed in 1849 publication was not before September 1852. Meanwhile Blyth’s ’Supplemental Note’ appeared in 1849. Most of the new taxa described in that were described then to ensure that Blyth’s names, already in his proof sheets for his Catalogue, obtained priority. In Peters’s Check-list most of these names have been cited correctly, i.e. from his Supplemental Note. However, a few exceptions need attention and their dates need to be corrected in works of reference. In two instances the source cited should be changed. These cases and a few others are discussed. Blyth’s honest intent to give credit to his correspondents for their new names that he gave to new taxa is explained.

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Dickinson, E.C. (2004). Systematic notes on Asian birds. 47. Blyth’s ’Catalogue of the Birds in the Museum Asiatic Society’ and his 1849 Supplemental Note, with historical comments. Zoologische Verhandelingen, 350, 167–181.