A list of about 280 names applied to Asian forms of species of crows (family Corvidae) is presented. This list provides information on the whereabouts of type specimens. Where our information does not include reliable data we provide notes to explain the deficit and to stimulate others to offer additional data or sources of information. For technical reasons we herein re-restrict the type locality of both Dendrocitta himalayana Jerdon and Dendrocitta himalayensis Blyth.

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Zoologische Verhandelingen

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Dickinson, E., Dekker, R., Eck, S., Somadikarta, S., Kalyakin, M., Loskot, V. M., … Voisin, C. (2004). Systematic notes on Asian birds. 45. Types of the Corvidae. Zoologische Verhandelingen, 350, 111–148.