Public museums collections had a hard start in Carinthia: only in 1848 did the first Museum of Natural Sciences open, maintained by the ‘Naturhistorischer Verein für Kärnten’. For a long time the collections were based on private donations. In 1884, the ‘Naturhistorischer Verein’ and the ‘Geschichtsverein für Kärnten’ moved into a new museum building, since 1898 there have been full-time curators. The museum’s scientific publication was and still is the periodical Carinthia. In 1942, the collections became property of the Government, but since 1998 they have been privatized.

Carinthia, Collections of Natural Scinces, Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein für Kärnten, Landesmuseum Kärnten
Scripta Geologica. Special Issue

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Stumfohl, R. (2004). Landesmuseum Kärnten – the Collections of Natural Sciences. Scripta Geologica. Special Issue, 4, 261–266.