New taxa of deep water antipatharian corals of the North Pacific are described. Represented in the family Schizopathidae are: Bathypathes seculata spec. nov.; Umbellapathes gen. nov.; U. helioanthes spec. nov.; U. bipinnata spec. nov.; Dendrobathypathes boutillieri spec. nov.; D. fragilis spec. nov.; Dendropathes gen. nov.; Dendropathes bacotaylorae spec. nov.; and Lillipathes wingi spec. nov. Represented in the family Cladopathidae are Chrysopathes gracilis spec. nov. and Heliopathes pacifica spec. nov.

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Zoologische Mededelingen

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Opresko, D.M. (2005). New genera and species of antipatharian corals (Cnidaria: Anthozoa) from the North Pacific. Zoologische Mededelingen, 79-2, 129–165.