A single, upper premolar tooth of a seal from the Miste mollusc bed (Miocene, middle Langhian: The Netherlands) is determined as an upper P3 of Miophoca cf. vetusta Zapfe. Fossils of this species and genus have to date only been reported from the Late Badenian (uppermost Langhian) of the Central Paratethys, at “Neudorf-Sandberg” (Devínská Nová Ves, Slovakia). This latter locality, however, is some two million years younger than the Miste Bed. The tooth from Miste represents the first evidence for the presence of the genus Miophoca in the North Sea Basin.

Miophoca, Pinnipedia, Middle Miocene, Miste, The Netherlands
Scripta Geologica

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Schneider, S, & Heissig, K. (2005). An early seal (Mammalia, Pinnipedia) from the Middle Miocene (Langhian) of Miste (The Netherlands). Scripta Geologica, 129, 151–158.