New records of Cheilosia caerulescens in the Netherlands (Diptera: Syrphidae) Cheilosia caerulescens is a rare hoverfly in The Netherlands. Until 1998 only four records were known, the first in 1986. In 1998 the species was found on three new and one old locality. The record from Heemstede (province of Noord-Holland) is among the northernmost in the European distribution of this species. Three of the four records originate from gardens.

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Keywords Insecta, Diptera, Syrphidae, Cheilosia caerulescens, Nederland, Verspreiding, Biotopen
Journal Nederlandse Faunistische Mededelingen

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Reemer, M. (1999). Cheilosia caerulescens in Nederland in 1998 (Diptera: Syprhidae). Nederlandse Faunistische Mededelingen, 8, 93–94.