We review the type specimens belonging to 71 species of Indo-Pacific Triphoridae Gray, 1847 stored in the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle in Paris. We provide detailed information on the original description, a diagnosis according to the most recently recognized diagnostic characters, and curatorial and nomenclatorial notes. The lots of Triforis (Iniforis) mirifica var. lifuana Hervier, 1898, Mastonia funebris Jousseaume, 1884, Mastonia issa Jousseaume, 1898, Inella numerosa Jousseaume, 1898, Mastonia obesula Jousseaume, 1884, Obesula pantherina Jousseaume, 1898, Mastonia peanites Jousseaume, 1898, Inella perimensis Jousseaume, 1898, Inella rossiteri Jousseaume, 1884 and Obesula senilis Jousseaume, 1898 contained specimens belonging to multiple species and we here designate lectotypes to stabilize nomenclature. We invalidate the neotype designation of T. pupaeformis Deshayes, 1863 because of significant differences between the neotype and Deshayes’ original description. Triforis plicatus Deshayes, 1834 is a Newtoniellidae Korobkov, 1955. Finally, we consider the name Triphora lamyi Selli, 1974 unavailable.

Staff publications

Albano, P., Di Franco, D., Azzarone, M., Bakker, P. (Hannco) ., & Sabelli, B. (2023). Review of the types of Indo-Pacific Triphoridae (Mollusca, Gastropoda) in the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, Paris. Zoosystema, 45(2), 13–106. doi:10.5252/zoosystema2023v45a2